The Echidnas
Geoff Mack Memorial Gathering
Mon 21st August 2017
I'd be very much amazed if this kind of day has ever been held under the same roof in the same room on any previous ocassion, but I'm here to tell you it was just fantastic to see all group of entertainers of any standing, attending to pay tribute to one of Australia's all time greats. The man who had been everywhere was finally silenced but will never be forgotten, as each of the speakers on the day left the stage one was left pondering the words that had just been uttered, there theme was very much of the same intent. The man known by so very many as "Tangletongue" and who was one of the most humble greats of all time. Sounds a bit over the top... I don't think so, and I'm sure the assembled gathering would agree with me Geoff Mack was just that .... the most gracious, humble, and if one can call a man BEAUTIFUL then I call Geoff just that.

No matter who I spoke to during the several hours of our time paying our last respects to this wonderful man everyone had the same purpose in mind Geoff Mack was one of a kind. I know I loved him like a brother, it was Geoff who introduced me to Echidnas and I've been an Echidna ever since that first night. Over the past number of years Alan Dale would collect Geoff from his home in mount Ku-Ring-Gai and bring him to our meetings and I had the privlidge of sitting with him and attending to his every need and did it with pleasure. Over the last few years Geoff would shuffle more than walk and he would offen tell us about his "Motor Bike foot" that damn foot would give him no end of trouble.

Geoff and Tabbi spent the last few years of Geoff's life living with Geoff's neice Jan and her husband Leo in Southport, and that is in Queensland for you rugby league fanatics. I guess the niceness runs in the family, I met these wonderful people on a couple of ocassions, the last was in January this year or was it December last year, damned if I can remember but I don't care the visit my wife and I had with these marvellous people was one we won't forget.

I guess I should stop my ramblings now and let you take a look at some of the pictures that were taken by Sandra Erdman on our day at Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Club where we said our Farewells to our great mate Geoff "Tangletongue" Mack.
God bless you mate, RIP.
Noel Clarke

A message from Alan Dale.
The meeting held on Monday 7th August brought forward a very welcome 37 members and guests. King Brett asked those present to stand to observe a minute’s silence for our dear departed life member Geoff Mack.
Members were informed that former King Warren Kermond had offered his services to attend the wake for Geoff Mack at Southport at no cost for accommodation. The King and committee moved that the Echidnas pick up the costs of travel and flowers. Dave Allenby was in attendance and looking very well after his recent enforced holiday.
Announcement details were given of the Celebration of Geoff Mack’s life to be held at Canterbury- Hurlstone Park RSL on Monday 21st August. An afternoon function is planned with all organisations invited, will be a first with all groups in attendance together.
Alan Dale.

The great man Geoff "Tangletongue" Mack OAM
Picture By: Noel Clarke
All pictures below by: Sandra Erdman

#1 John Charter & Alan Dale































#31: Mary Schneider OAM







#38: Bobby Bradford




#42: John Charter

#43: Fr John Spora

#44: Alan Dale

#45: Greg Hayes

#46: Frank Ifield

#47: Susie Smither


#49: Geoff's Neice Jan

#50: Warren Kermond OAM




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