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2015 Echidnas Elections

The members of The Echidnas Club elected the 2015 committee at the Annual General Meeting Monday 2nd February. Life King Bruce Sacre "Emeritas" was on hand to oversee the election.
In his acceptance speech King Brett explained his desire for the next 12 months which includes a possible change to a day time meeting at some time during the year.

Brett's idea for a day time lunch meeting did garner some positive reaction so we look forward with interest the coming year with Brett at the helm.

Congratulations Brett and the rest of the new committee I'm sure we all hope you have an enjoyable term of office. To the re-elected officers we congratulate you as well for holding your positions and look forward to working with you all.
The following are those elected to steer the club through 2015, see photos and details below.

Brett Thomas

Alan Dale

Doug McLaughlin

Morgan Kent

Bill Scott

Reg Townsend

Kevin Smith & Ross Hutchison

2015 Echidnas Club Committee
    King Echidna     Brett Thomas
    Duke Magpie Echidna     Alan Dale
    Count Crow Echidna     Doug McLaughlin
    Prince Echidna     Morgan Kent
    Minister for Rorts     Reg Townsend
    Ministers for Sickness & Welfare     Kevin Smith & Ross Hutchison
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